Luca Fiorani卢卡●费奥拉诺
意大利人,Helliq Society(入会门槛IQ≥160,SD15,由希腊医学博士Evangelos G.Katsioulis创立),SPIQR, ISI-S等多家国际高智商俱乐部会员。2016年5月3日加入墨楼。
兴趣爱好:Psychoanalisis, psychiatry, sociology, criminology, anthropology, philosophy (ancient, modern, contemporaneous). Hobbies: Watching tennis, statistics, solving high range IQ tests.
个人介绍:Hello~everyone, my name is Luca Fiorani,I come from Italy.I'm also a member of HELLIQ, sPIqr, ISI-S, HRIQ.I describe myself as eccentric but empathic too.If you want to make friends with me, please contact me, my email : luca_f.arantes@live.it.
Strict Logic Sequences Examination - Form II,得分17/30,理论智商164,SD15。
LSHR Light,得分20/30,理论智商160,SD15。