Iakovos Koukas

2018-05-03 15:31
来自希腊,是一名作家,撰写过几部小说,哲学散文,诗歌集以及关于软件,机器和艺术的科学论文,同时还是4G,THIS,BRAIN,ELITE高智商俱乐部创始人。Iakovos Koukas,欢迎加入墨楼!
Iakovos Koukas, World Genius Directory: 2015 Genius of the Year - Europe
Famous For:
Highly-regarded administrator and constant contributor for his GENIUS high-IQ societies (4G, THIS, BRAIN, ELITE).Author of several fiction novels, philosophical essays, poetry collections and scientific papers on software, machines and art.
Founder & President of: Global Genius Generation Group (4G High IQ Society), The High Intellect Society (THIS High IQ Society),Borderless Revolutionary Advanced Intellectual Network (BRAIN High IQ Society), Exclusive Leading Institute for Thinkers’Evolution (ELITE High IQ Society). 
Global Genius Generation Group (4G High IQ Society), The High Intellect Society (THIS High IQ Society), BorderlessRevolutionary Advanced Intellectual Network (BRAIN High IQ Society), Exclusive Leading Institute for Thinkers’ Evolution(ELITE High IQ Society), Mensa Greece, WGD, Spiqr Society, Sthiq Society, ISI-Society, Tensa Society, Gothiq Society, IHIQS,Torr, Epiq Society, The Modern Genius Society, EPL High IQ Society, Evolution IQ Society, Atlantiq Society, IQuestion Society,Chaos Society, Ethereal Society, Odysseus4Gifted Society. 
Currently I am employed as a head officer in corporate and shipping banking. I am also into website designing and writing booksabout the philosophy of science and fiction novels. As far as my professional goals are concerned, my aspiration is to publish a seriesof books regarding the philosophy of science based on the latest scientific discoveries in the fields of quantum physics, cognitiveneuroscience, genetic engineering and artificial intelligence.
Why work with IQ:
I was initiated in the world of high IQ because I always felt somewhat off from the other world. Within the IQ world I came acrosspersons that finally could understand me and have meaningful conversations around my interests and even expand them. I feel verylucky that I met all these bright minds and brought them together in groups and societies where could interact without competitionand disputes. That’s why I worked for IQ; I wanted to create civilized societies where the high IQers would feel free to discussanything they liked without being insulted or diminished by others and through that hospitable environment would form new ideas orevolve existing ones. 
Goal for IQ as a WGD Ambassador Genius of the Year: 
First of all, I feel very proud to be the European ambassador of WGD for genius around the globe. I never expected that, and I stillfeel I climbed to the top too early. My initial goal, as I have already stated, was to bring together really smart people. My future goalswill be: to continue bringing really smart people together and make them feel good about themselves, make them open up, trust theworld, show to everyone that being a genius doesn’t make you a calculating or puzzle solving machine, but a genuine creativepioneer, with the ability to alter the world. I want to show that the high IQ world can embrace all sorts of gifted people withoutdiscriminations and can aim only for the best.
Statement for the World: 
Change the world in every possible way you can, because your possibilities are vast, the sky is the limit. Explore. Discover. Don’t letyour fears hold you down. Go out there and show everyone that you can conquer the world with your intellect. Some people seegeniuses as the strange ones or as misfits. Actually, they are the most capable individuals for changing things. And, by quoting SteveJobs, I want to state: “And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius. Because the people who are crazy enough tothink they can change the world, are the ones who do”.